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Brian Healy coach at Sawed-Off CrossFit

Brian Healy


Brian spent almost 10 years as a law enforcement officer before deciding to make his passion for fitness into a career. He grew up playing as many sports as he could and continues to live an active lifestyle. He discovered CrossFit during his law enforcement career and found it was an all-encompassing fitness methodology that trains people for life. His passion is derived from helping others achieve their fitness goals. “Seeing a person achieve what they thought impossible is one of the best feelings as a coach or trainer you can experience.” Besides being one of the owners of Sawed-Off CrossFit, he is first and foremost a family man with a great wife and two wonderful daughters. CERTIFICATIONS Certified CrossFit Trainer CF-L3 CrossFit Specialty Course: Kids CrossFit Scaling Course CPR, First Aid & AED
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Terrance Smith coach at Sawed-Off CrossFit

Terrance Smith


Terrance was born and raised in Bryan/College Station. He grew up an athlete playing basketball, soccer, football, and running track. In College, he continued to play soccer on a club level and was a leader on every team he played for. After college, he found his passion for helping others through athletic and personal training. Terrance has been involved in CrossFit for seven years after being introduced to CrossFit by a fellow trainer. “I believe CrossFit can help anyone no matter your fitness level. If you make it to the gym, you’re lapping everyone else that is sitting on the couch!” He also believes a positive CrossFit community is extremely important and at Sawed-Off CrossFit you’ll never walk alone! CERTIFICATIONS CrossFit Level 1 Trainer USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance American Fitness Institute Personal Trainer CPR, First Aid & AED
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Kayla Balezentis coach at Sawed-Off CrossFit

Kayla Balezentis


Kayla is from Austin, Texas. She grew up playing all sports and played volleyball at the Collegiate level. Kayla has been coaching group classes and personal training clients since she was 18. She fell in love with CrossFit because like volleyball, it gave her something to be competitive in again and she loved the challenge of higher-skill gymnastics and weightlifting. “In CrossFit, no one is good at everything. There is always something you can be better at. I love how it humbles you, in the best way possible.” CERTIFICATIONS: CrossFit Level 2 Trainer NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach CPR, First Aid & AED
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Brian Schoppe coach at Sawed-Off CrossFit

Brian Schoppe


Brian was born and raised on the Texas coast and moved to College Station to attend Texas A&M University in 1999. He loved the community so much that he chose to make his home here, settling down with his wife, Ginna, and raising their two children, Laelia and Kyle. After graduating from A&M, Brian tried a few different career paths from restaurant/bar management to working for the City of College Station. It wasn’t until he made his own health a priority that Brian discovered his passion for fitness. At the heaviest point in Brian’s life, he topped the scales at well over 300 pounds. Being that he was only in his mid-20’s, Brian chose to make a change. He worked diligently to lose over 130 pounds, on his own, before seeking help at a local gym to learn how to exercise and diet properly to look and feel the way he wanted. Fortunately for Brian, the young man that would coach and train him introduced him to CrossFit. After hearing Brian’s story and seeing his passion for fitness and helping others, the owner of the gym convinced Brian to learn how to train clients and coach classes so that he could help others make positive changes in their lifestyles. Starting out only part time, still working for the city, it did not take long for Brian to decide to make fitness his new career path. Brian has been coaching classes and working with individual’s full time now for five years. Brian is a CF L-1 trainer who is hoping to continue to grow as coach and earn CF L-2 and eventually CF L-3 certifications. After realizing that the CrossFit methodology was the absolute best path, Brian struck out with his two brothers, Brian Healy and Terrance Smith, to open and operate Sawed-Off CrossFit. CERTIFICATIONS CrossFit Level 2 Trainer CPR, First Aid & AED
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Kimberly Joiner coach at Sawed-Off CrossFit

Kimberly Joiner


My name is Kimberly Joiner and I started my CrossFit journey in 2009 with a good friend in her garage. I met my husband at a CrossFit gym and I have a 9 year old daughter, two step-kids, 11 and 14. All of our kids participate in different sports/activities and CrossFit together as a family. While an athlete at Sawed-Off CrossFit, I fell in love with the community and obtained my CF- L1, then my CrossFit Kids certification. I am excited that Sawed-Off has opened the door to pursue my passion to coordinate a program that is fun for children with a positive environment. Outside of Sawed-Off CrossFit, I enjoy traveling (especially to Hawaii), hiking, reading and spending time with my family. I could eat homemade taco/fajita bowls everyday and enjoy Arctic Zero Brownie Blast and homemade rice krispy treats (regular and cocoa). CERTIFICATIONS CrossFit Level 2 Trainer CrossFit Specialty Course: Kids
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